Tuesday, September 19, 2017
WiFi HotSpot Network

In 2013 The Mobileteer Network, 141,516 views and  9,864 clicks.


As of October 2016-1,024,531 views and 52,072 clicks.

Smart Screen Network

7 Locations!

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Each TV is 42 inches for great visibility!

Redeem Loyalty Network

Coming Soon!


What Is The Mobileteer Network

The Mobileteer Network is a series of connected Smart TVs and Wi-Fi HotSpots, creating one platform in order to grow your Brand Name, Advertise Sales, Increase Sales, and Build Customer Loyalty.


We place Wifi marketing routers and TV Displays at high foot traffic locations such as Coffee Shops, Dentist/Doctor Waiting rooms, Fitness Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, and more.

How Does It Work?

The WiFi Network places your business on thousands of laptops and mobile phones, Mobileteer TV Network Displays your business in front of thousands people everyday!

Mobileteer has spent years creating a network that reaches tens of thousands of people each month.  Place your business on a network that does more for local business.


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Coming Soon! Redeem Loyalty Network

Email info@mobileteer.com for more information.

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