Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Anytime Fitness Brighton"

I met David Alexander at my fitness facility, we got talking about things and he mentioned his business Mobileteer which is a marketing company for mobile devices. I was very intrigued by this type advertising since I'm a huge fan of mobile devices and use them very frequently. David and I came up with a marketing piece that would be available to local store customers who opt in to receive deals for the Brighton businesses. This is the first time I use mobile marketing and it didn’t let me down, besides great exposure at prospects fingertips (literally) I got leads and new customers who were interested in improving their health and fitness. "David made it very easy to setup everything"; I simply had to provide the offers I wanted displayed and a brief description of my facility. He set up everything, and promoted my business at a very affordable price.

I would highly recommend Mobileteer mobile marketing if you are looking to expand your business and attract new local customers.

- David Pacheco - Owner Anytime Fitness Brighton

The Natural View Market

"I think it's working! We had 200 new customers in December"

- Joanmarie "The Natural View Market" in Brighton, MI

TWo Brothers Coffee & Brew

The Mobileteer TV really shows off our business to other local businesses, its the first thing people mention when they walk in the door. The designs are always unique and eye catching, we would recommend Mobileteer to any business looking to keep grow their business and keep their current patrons.

Jim Starnes

The Pound Bar!
Within one week we saw results!
- Kevin Montagano
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