Mobileteer Merchant

Imagine being able to change your advertising in seconds, or market a new product to thousands in your area?  Maybe you have items you need to clear out and want to let consumers know they are on discount?  Imagine being able to track your marketing and make changes all through your smart device.  Well, imagine no longer because that is exactly what Mobileteer Merchant does for your business.  You can now create deals in seconds, track the progress of your deals, create custom expiration dates, and give your deals loyalty points to attract new customers and incentivize existing customers shop more often at your store.  Able to share your new offer on all social media platforms and built in notifications let consumers know your deal is live.  We specialize in helping local business reach thousands without breaking their budget.  The Mobileteer Merchant App lets you do all this and more.  Please contact us to get started or if you have any questions.  Mobileteer Merchant is a stand alone device and will quickly become your strongest marketing tool to grow your business.

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