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Mobileteer Merchant is a standalone service and will quickly become your strongest marketing tool to grow your business. Imagine, changing your advertising in seconds, clear out some old items and let customers know they are on discount, or market a new product to thousands at the push of button while tracking your advertising through your smartphone.

That is exactly what Mobileteer Merchant does for your business. Create deals in seconds, track their progress, create your own advertising, and give your deals loyalty points to incentivize existing customers to shop more often at your store.

Mobileteer Merchant allows you to share new offers on all your social media platforms and with built in notifications let customers know your deal is live. We specialize in helping local business reach thousands of customers without breaking the budget. The Mobileteer Merchant App lets you do all this and more. Contact us to get started or if you have any questions.
Businesses using this platform are seeing a 30% increase in sales
Deal redemption rates of 60%
Enhance customer engagement and repeat business through loyalty program and direct connect to their customers

Interactive dashboard that provides

Tracking tools to see how campaigns are doing in real time
Able to add new deals and share with social media without multiple programs to log into

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